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The specialist organisation for person centred, 1:1, hands on support in pregnancy and beyond for Black and mixed black families in the UK


1:1 Counselling 

If you're feeling low and/ or worried about how you're feeling right now  - We have dedicated professional and registered therapist available for 1:1 counselling. Please get in touch - we're here to help

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Let's Get Started

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What else is coming...
  • Antenatal education designed with black parenthood in mind 

  • Online Pregnancy group 'Bumps and Belonging'

  • Online/in-person Postnatal support with our 'Birth and Belonging' groups 

  • Online and in-person workshops 

  • Free resources, handouts and 'easy access to your rights' guide 

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Why we do
what we do... 

We're committed to the safety and wellbeing of
Black & Afro- Caribbean families

At B3-Bumps Birth and Belonging CIC we are dedicated to reducing the maternal health inequalities faced by Black women and their babies here in the UK.

  • Black women are 4x more likely to die in pregnancy and up to the first year of their babies life.

  • Black babies are twice as likely to die in utero & their first year of life.

Imagine going into motherhood with those types of numbers hanging over your head AND trying to experience your

human right which is .... joy. 

We offer information, support, advocacy, and education to empower Black women in the UK to take control of their own maternity care with confidence. 

We strive to provide real solutions to managing their care in the system they find themselves in, by providing evidenced based options, resources and a unique insight into the regulations of HCP.

We believe that every woman should receive the highest quality of care and support throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey and we will keep on going long after the headlines and social media trends. 

We're happy you're here x

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